Temple Building Project

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In the last few years we worked with an architect and the City of West Sacramento and finally received the Conditional Use Permit in April of this year from the City Planning Department. This permit allows us to develop our property into a full-fledged temple and meditation center. We are proceeding into a detailed design phase to apply for the building permit.
The ground floor of the new building consists of the Buddha hall/meditation hall, class rooms, multipurpose hall, reception/lobby, kitchen, public restrooms and veranda. The second floor, utilizing the space just above the multipurpose hall, will be the residence for monks. There are 35 parking spaces associated with the temple to meet the requirements of the City.
We are pleased to convey that we have a committed team of volunteers from our community to speed up the construction project. Our team is determined to complete the Temple and Meditation Center by Kathina (October) 2017.
As our temple is a public gathering place we need to comply with various new changes of city/state/federal requirements which led to a higher construction cost than we initially anticipated.  Based on a reputed independent cost estimator, the total cost of the whole project is estimated to be 2.5 – 3 million dollars. However, considering the three year window we have from Kathina 2014 to Kathina 2017 our team is fully confident that we can raise the funds needed to complete the project as planned.
We value your continued support over the next three years to build the temple until its completion. The temple and meditation center with all necessary facilities will be enormously beneficial to all of us and also to thousands of people in the future.
As taught in the Buddhist Teachings, building a temple is one of the Eight Great Meritorious deeds that brings us happiness in this life and many future lives till we reach our ultimate goal, Nibbana. You are already participating in this great meritorious deed by contributing to build our temple.